Celebration of Professor Stanley Weintraub

A tribute from the Sagittarius-Shaw Literature Digitizing Program to Professor Stanley Weintraub, in appreciation of the crucial role he played in founding the program.  The Shaw Bot is the last project graced by Professor Weintraub’s advice.  Please type “weintraub” in the Shaw Bot message box to begin.

“Stanley Weintraub was one of the most brilliant scholars of his or any other generation. He will remain an inspiration for us all.”  —  Professor Leonard Conolly, FRSC, FRSA, Past President of the International Shaw Society, on behalf of the Sagittarius-Shaw Literature Digitizing Program  (Professor Leonard Conolly, Professor Richard Dietrich, Ms. Suzanne Merriam, Dr. Kay Li)


How to use this site: 

According to Mrs. Rodelle Weintraub, “Professor Stanley Weintraub was a well-rounded person, not just focused on a particular area.” 

Please type “weintraub” in the Shaw Bot message box to navigate the immense scholarship of Professor Stanley Weintraub and Mrs. Rodelle Weintraub.  For example:

  1. Type “weintraub”
  2. Pick a category e.g. “Bernard Shaw”
  3. Pick one of the books e.g. “Private Shaw and Public Shaw
  4. Click the book title to find the book
  5. You can also find Professor Weintraub’s videos by typing “weintraub” and pick “videos by Professor Weintraub”


Podcast of Professor Stanley Weintraub’s Keynote “Shaw for the Here and Now” at the First International Shaw Conference, Sarasota, Florida

One can either go to podcast on any device and find “Critical Approaches to Bernard Shaw”, or go directly to http://libra.apps01.yorku.ca/podcast/?p=home Please start from Part I.  There are five parts.

Sincere thanks to Mrs. Rodelle Weintraub and Dr. David Weintraub for allowing us to put the video on podcast.